Wordpress-Map-Plugin "Cartogiraffe" v1

Show draggable, searchable maps (standard, bicycle, transport, hiking) on your Wordpress-Blog.

  1. Install the plugin (e.b. by uploading the .zip-File in Wordpress-Plugins)
  2. Create a new blog entry or edit an existing one.
  3. Scroll to bottom and look for the "map shortcode generator".
  4. Each time you change the map, a new shortcode will appear.
  5. Copy & paste the shortcode to your blog text - that's it!

Wordpress-Map-Plugin "Cartogiraffe" - Preview (Backend)
Map plugin for wordpress

Wordpress-Map-Plugin "Cartogiraffe" - Preview (Frontend)
This is how it looks like on your web page (styles depending from your template)
Map plugin for wordpress

Credits: Openstreetmap, Leaflet, Font Awesome